Lavarious A. Slaughter has taken front and center on Life’s Stage. A born overcomer, Lavarious was determined to never let go of his dreams and to never lose his passion for the arts, despite enduring hardships and even failure.

His dream truly took flight when Lavarious launched a company called Lavarious & Co. and walking away from corporate America, at the heart of this endeavor was his passion and determination to deliver the best theatrical productions that he could offer.

What People Are Saying

What can I say about my boy Lavarious? He’s a brilliant writer. I had an amazing time working with him on his show “Love Unbreakable.”

R&B Singer Tony Terry

A few words about my good friend Lavarious. Ive never got into to much theatre until I was presented the oppotunity to be in one of his productions, he made me feel comfortable playing a role that stretched me. Because of this opportunity I feel more confident.

Carl Thomas

It was a great play. You are the next Tyler Perry! see you in Hollywood.