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Though the years of living, loving, and messing it all up Lavarious Slaughter has gained knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of falling in love and staying in love. He has studied the choices he’s made, and the effect they’ve had on the women in his past. Some trends stick out, and those are the subjects Lavarious chose to talk about in the Playbill of Love. This book offers simple, straight-to-the-point advice aimed to help women stop dating the wrong men so they can turn their dating fortunes around and allow Mr. Right in.

She’ll Tell You Who I Am

Most people are no longer surprised to learn that a spouse has been unfaithful or that a best friend has turned into your worst frenemy. However, when you confide in and give 100% trust to someone you never believe that he will turn out to be your biggest foe!

That’s exactly what happens to Leslie, a married woman who grows tired of her cheating but very wealthy husband. Leslie is fed up and knows that she must let go of her one true love, Mike, in order to keep her sanity and a piece of dignity. Therefore, she depends on Ron Cook for advice for life after marriage. Unfortunately, Ron Cook only has one agenda in mind and that is to ensure that Mike and Leslie stay married to continue to receive their hefty contributions!

What will come of this greedy and unfaithful man? Will Leslie follow her mind and original plans with leaving Mike, or will she let her ear and heart take heed to the words from their deceitful counselor.

Secrets, Lies & Scandal

Layla is the original Real Housewife that has it all – a successful husband, beautiful children, a 2.5 carat emerald cut from Tiffany’s, a luxurious home in a gated community, expensive foreign cars, taiylored made pumps from the hottest designers, and credit cards with no limits in sight. Obviously her man loves her. What more can a woman ask for – this is the life!

Or is it? It’s been said that we all want what we can’t have and this Orlando Diva, who seems to have it all, is no exception. With a husband constantly on the road Layla finds a desire for something younger and more energetic. A girl can only shop for so long and who knows if her hubby is ‘only’ grinding those many, many nights out of state. Layla has always handled business and this situation is no different. Unfortunately, Layla forgets one golden rule: Only cheat with someone who has just as much to lose as you!

Will Layla be able to have her cake and eat it too? Or will she ruin it all by burning the hand that has bankrolled her lavish lifestyle? Come and find out in Secret, Lies & Scandals.

There’s A Stranger In My House

Greg Ward’s un-holy matrimony is threatened when Simone Ward continuously stores baggage and bitterness into their marriage due to unsettled and painful memories that a much younger, careless and sinful Greg created years earlier.

Fighting temptations of the single life will finally be put to rest when Sheila, an un-happily married woman fulfills her strong desire to be alone and part with Nathan, her loving husband of thirteen years. Through-out Sheila’s pursuit for freedom she realizes that her marital issues aren’t half the drama that she has made it out to be after being exposed to the Ward’s much deeper troubles.

Will Sheila’s epiphany be too late to win back a fed-up and brokenhearted Nathan? Will Simone ever find forgiveness in time to save her relationship?

There’s A Stranger In My House is an amusing, remarkable, and fresh stage play that reveals how devotion, strength, and hard work are must have features to maintain the “I Do” in these two damaged Marriages.

You Better Be Glad I’m Saved

JUN BUG, an average teenage boy who has contributed more than enough to his record of mistakes, is a menace to society through the eyes of his uppity than thou mother elnor. To enforce further punishment upon jun bug for his burdens and embarrassments he has caused the family, Elnor distance her parenthood away from jun bug and agrees he should live with his grandparents until all is forgiven. Two praying grandparents, paps and grandma sweeny, are the reasons why positive changes take place in jun bug’s life before tragedy strikes him. The God loving spirits of Paps and grandma Sweeny is also the bond that keeps the family together through trials and tribulations that shakes, rumbles and tries to tear this family apart!

The Wiz

Dorothy is a shy 24-year-old Harlem kindergarten teacher who is brought by a snowstorm to the mysterious Land of Oz, a sprawling, decaying, nightmarish, and dangerous megalopolis that resembles the physical characteristics of New York City.

Love Unbreakable

The Reverend’s marriage is in jeopardy when all that his wife wife does is continuously store bitterness into their marriage due to the Reverends past sins.

How I Got Over

Mahalia Jackson is a joyous celebration of the life and music of the world’s greatest gospel singer: a humble, deeply religious woman whose expressive, full throated voice carried her from a three room shanty in New Orleans to appearances before presidents and royalty.

Black Nativity

This legendary Christmas event, the Black community’s Christmas gift to the world, is without a doubt a theatrical wonderment. A joyous company of singers, actors, dancers and musicians delivers its powerful message of joy, hope, victory and liberation.


Dreamgirls is the story of three black singers – Deena, Lorrell, and Effie who began as a group called the Dreamettes. They start as three talented, close friends and gradually sharpen their act and rename themselves “The Dreams”. Little do they know of the hard, competitive world of show business.