It’s no secret that the issue of homelessness is pervasive throughout the Central Florida community and the United States as a whole. Seeing homeless individuals on street corners and in urban areas has become a social norm. In Central Florida, homeless shelters are not able to house many of these families, and government funding is insufficient to meet their needs. Therefore, losing jobs due to illness and other unforeseen circumstances often times leaves families to fend for themselves on the streets, sleeping on park benches, at bus stops, and anywhere that they can find.

This is where we enter the story. The Lavarious Slaughter Foundation strives to do and go where government organizations and homeless shelters can not. We help families in need by meeting them where they are at and creating a plan to get them to a place of sustainability. It simply takes an initial strategy and enough funding to jumpstart them, and then they can take over from there. But it starts by someone taking the first step. By donating to these families in need, you are taking action, and allowing their homeless journey to come to an end at last. Our plan includes raising enough funds to cover the initial move-in costs and their basic furnishings, as well as basic clothing and sanitary necessities, along with medical, dental, vision, and mental care for 1 year. Above all, our mission is to see the cycle of homelessness broken within our community by working together to restore each family’s sense of security and safety.


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