About Lavarious

Lavarious A. Slaughter has taken front and center on Life’s Stage. A born overcomer, Lavarious was determined to never let go of his dreams and to never lose his passion for theatre, film and television. His dream truly took flight when Lavarious launched a company called Lavarious & Co. and walking away from corporate America, at the heart of this endeavor was his passion and determination to deliver the best theatrical productions that he could offer.

And he did just that. His first big break came from his play “You Better Be Glad I’m Saved,” This emotionally charged piece, which transcends across all walks of life, premiered in Orlando, Florida, in the summer of 2007.

Staging the play cost him nearly everything, including his savings, but the reward was a packed house and thousands of tickets being sold. From there, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, but Lavarious knew what he was capable of and refused to let his failures define his career.

In 2012 he made his mark in the world of television, with his own tv show on Afrotainment TV, and eventually co-writing two original TV series.  In 2016 Lavarious traveled to Toronto Canada to direct and produce Mahalia Jackson the musical which opened with raved reviews.

Lavarious has directed and produced more than one hundred shows- from urban stage plays to major off Broadway musicals like DREAMGIRLS, THE WIZ, SISTER ACT, ANNIE and many more. more to his work than just the art. His ultimate goal is to reach out and change people’s lives through sharing his own, life-changing experiences.

Although he’s already accomplished amazing feats across multiple mediums, this is hardly the beginning for Lavarious. Since moving to Las Vegas in 2018 his journey is taking a new turn, Lavarious has fresh new projects on the West and East coast of the country.